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Saving Grace Tutors provides private at home tutoring to students across South Africa.

Our focus is on students from Grade R to 12 providing One-on-One At Home Tutoring Services for all Subjects.

We provide At Home Tutoring for students on the CAPS, IEB and CAMBRIDGE Curriculum.

Our aim is to provide you with a tutor that will meet your child’s specific academic needs and who will tailor make a tutoring plan that will yield results.

Tutors are allocated to clients based on your location for your convenience.

Our At Home Tutoring Services includes

  1. Private Tutoring – Grade R-12
  2. Daily Homework Assistance – Grade R-7
  3. Homeschool Tutoring – Grade R-12

What makes our Home Tutoring effective is that our tutoring does not end when the lesson end and the tutor leaves your home.

Every student receives a profile on our Learning Management System which gives them an opportunity to improve their academic performance even when they are not having lessons.

Parents also receive Login access to our Learning Management System has an observer where they will be able to monitor their children academic performance.

Our Learning Management Systems provides students with the following

  1. Summaries relating to the subject you are receiving tutoring for.
  2. Subject related worksheets and activities
  3. Digital Concept Tests to test understand of topics, practice tests and mock exams which will be written submitted on our Learning Management System with detailed feedback.
  4. Digital quizzes written on the system with instant feedback and solutions.

In addition to this parents whose children may be struggling academically but the parents don’t know how to help them or perhaps your child is doing relatively well but with room for improvement can request a digital academic assessment for any subject of your choice.

The aim of the assessment is to evaluate where your child is struggling method or perhaps its lack of understanding of the work.

The assessment will be written online on our Learning Management System and feedback will provides with a report of a suggestion tutoring plan.

The assessment is R150 per Subject.