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We provide 2 forms of assessments to students.

1. School Readiness Assessments (R450)

This is an assessment where we assess your child’s readiness for Grade 1. School readiness goes beyond age and there is a number of factors that has to be assessed in determining your child’s readiness for Grade 1.


2. Academic Assessment (R150/subject)

Our Academic assessment focuses on assessing students with the aim of helping them improve their academic performance by diagnosing areas that they are lacking and need to improve on.

We have 2 categories of Academic Assessments that we do. (R150 per Subject)

  1. Method of Study ( This assessment is aimed to assess how kids study, number of hours, study habits and methods, environment, routine etc)
  2. Subject Assessment (This assessment comes in the form of a test for a specific subject where we analyse students fundamental knowledge of a subject they are struggling with and provide parent and student with detailed feedback report.

After the Academic Assessment, students and parents have a choice of 2 solution plans.

  1. We tailor make a Study Plan(With our Learning Management System we provide you with a monthly day to day lesson plan, worksheets, study notes, practice tests and mock exam to help you improve in that subject and we monitor your progress and provide you with weekly feedback reports. Parents will also have a login access to monitor their children progress. Let us monitor your child’s academic progress.
  2. We tailor make a Tutoring Plan with a tutor to assist you, we develop a tutoring plan tailored to your academic and subject needs based on our findings from your assessment

After the assessment should you wish to get a Study Plan, the fees are R350/pm for 1 subject.

After the assessment should you wish to get a tutoring plan, please visit  

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