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Are you a parent of a student who seems to do everything possible to improve their math’s marks but still barely making it? Whether your child is on the CAPS/IEB or CAMBRIDGE CURRICULUM, it is important that they grasp the foundations needed to suceed in math’s.

The number one reason who students all around South Africa struggle with maths is due to a lack of solid foundations. There is a saying” A building is only as strong as it’s foundations” and this is especially true for subjects like Math’s. Just like a building, math’s requires a solid foundation.

Just like a building students could get away without strong founations for a few years but after a while when the grades gets tough things will strat falling apart and the gaps in their knowledge starts to show and at this point it is defiently a good idea to get the assistance of a math’s tutor.





When a student doesn’t grasp a foundational math concept and then moves on to more challenging math, it creates a gap in understanding and the longer thiss gap goes on for the more difficult it becomes to fill it. These gaps in understanding are like holes in a bucket of water and unfortunately won’t go away until fixed.

In Conclusion the # 1 reason your student is struggling or will struggle with math’s and math’s related subjects is that they are missing important key concepts from earlier years that are needed to be successful now and in the future and a private math’s tutor can help with bridging those gaps.


To fix this problem, follow our simple 3 step process.

  • Step 1: Stop doing what you are doing
  • Step 2: Review math foundations-with the help of a tutor
  • Step 3: SIGN UP with Saving Grace Tutors


This will ensure ZERO gaps of understanding exist and eliminate present and/or future academic stress!

No math, physics, chemistry, accounting, finance, business, etc. class will be too hard to conquer ever again with the help of a private tutor. If you need a math’s tutor or a tutor for any subject for your child, chick on “Get a Tutor” below



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