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Saving Grace Tutors

Saving Grace Tutors is a Private Tutoring Company that has been in business for 10 years, providing tutoring services since 2009. We are devoted to providing students with highly skilled, experienced and qualified private tutors across South Africa.

We have the most educated and experienced team of tutors near you who are passionate about teaching students from Grade R to Grade 12 in respective subjects.

In this modern competitive world your child deserves the support and guidance of educational experts along with their schooling to help them achieve academic success.

We are always committed to assisting parents and students to find the most qualified and experienced private home tutors across South Africa who are ready to provide the best quality  home educational and private tutoring services.

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  • Maths Tutors
  • English Tutors
  • Afrikaans Tutors
  • Zulu Tutors
  • Natural Science Tutors
  • Social Science Tutors
  • EMS Tutors
  • LO Tutors
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  • Maths Tutors
  • English Tutors
  • Afrikaans Tutors
  • Science Tutors
  • Physical Science
  • IT Tutors
  • Economics Tutors
  • Life Science Tutors
  • EGD Tutors
  • Business Studies Tutors
  • French Tutors
  • Accounting Tutors
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Benefit of Tutoring

Impoves academic performance

Tutoring can be customized to each student’s needs.

Improves study habits

Impoves self esteem

Helps develop critical thinking

Encourages intellectual independence

Helps manage learning difficulties

Challenges high performing students